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Desc:This schism has the Juggalo community in an uproar
Category:Arts, Horror
Tags:Juggalo, faygo, MCL, existential crisis, twiztid
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Comment count is 18
"ACTING!" tag?

The Mothership
there are a ton of these reaction videos.
John Holmes Motherfucker
He's left to form his own company, Sociopathic Records.
I'm sorry Jake, you're not a juggalo, you're a luchadore
The Great Juggalo Schism
You ever wonder if they just keep making shit because they're afraid of what their fans will do to them if they stop?

Nah. If they washed the paint off, their fans wouldn't be able to recognize them.

Jet Bin Fever
This is the appropriate reaction to such an important piece of news.
Oh yeah, Twiztid. I thought they were just a fever dream I had back in highschool.

So, when they say Twiztid left Psychopathic Records, do they mean Twiztid retired? Or Twiztid decided to stop forking over percentages to Violent J and the other one?
Prickly Pete
They're gonna form their own label (presumably). They said they'll be cool with ICP forever tho. Definitely not retiring. Not a lot of details yet.

That peace won't last. The world's not big enough for two clown-themed horror rap record labels.

Three: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strange_Music

(Oh, and Prickly Pete is a Juggalo. Woop woop!)

Prickly Pete
Twiztid aren't clowns. Strange Music DEFINITELY aren't clowns. And there's room for everyone. That's the great thing about independent music; nobody is fighting for airplay or screen time because the shit never gets played on the radio anyway.

Couldn't watch. What is so fucking interesting off-screen that he has to keep turning his head to look?
5 for inanity. That's evil, right?
Shit, nigger.

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