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Desc:Featuring the voices of Chris Onstand and ARTIE: THE STRONGEST MAN...IN THE WORLD.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:chris, toby, achewood,, onstad,, huss,
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Comment count is 19
oh god dammit

The video's there if you click "original"; I have no idea why it's not embedding properly.
Because you submitted this:


It should have been this:


No ampersand or anything else between "watch?" and "v=".
Seems to be an epidemic of this sort of thing lately.

Okay, now the resubmit thingie is broken as well. It puts www poetv com in front of the links.

You were probably missing the 'http' part. And now it's broken forever, because support no longer exists and Chet has ascended to a higher plane of existence.

If anything, thank you for re-kindling my fond memories of Pete and Pete.
Not feeling it, really.
Yeah me either.

It's animated well though.

Well, it feels a bit off - too confident? too prepared? - but there's so much that's done so right it's hard to nitpick. Plus, Toby dang Huss.

If nothing else, the animation is wonderful.
Caminante Nocturno
I always imagined Roast Beef having a more plaintive voice than that, but I'm still liking this.
I always imagined it being almost inaudible and rambling. Just with no shred of confidence whatsoever.

This is the biggest obstacle any comic-to-cartoon adaption has to overcome: the "they sounded different in my head" phenomenon.

I share Kabbage's sentiment. Beef's voice should always be one fourth as loud as Ray's (and thus half as loud as a normal person's.) But this would be problematic in this format. Also, I imagined his inflections would be almost totally flat, except when agitated, or when speaking to Molly.

For some reason I always imagined Ray sounding a lot like Grunkle Stan. This was true long before I knew who Grunkle Stan was.

This looks a bit rough but it could work with some tweaking. Job one is to tone down Ray.

Jet Bin Fever
I never liked this comic. Even so, this would be bad either way. It's amazing how much power voice actors have in making animation sink or swim.
Linux users keep telling me it's the most hilarious comic ever but most of the time I can't even spot the joke.

I think the closest I came was when they beat up the guy who invented comic sans. Ha ha font snobbery?

Oscar Wildcat
All the voices work for me but for Ray. Pretty rough start.
Just like the Bloom County holiday special, there's no way the voice action couldn't be at least a little disappointing compared to just imagining it, but setting that aside this is pretty fantastic. I don't know if it would stand on its own without the comic but for what it is it's much better than I expected!

I agree with Oscar, Ray's voice isn't so good. Roast Beef's is almost perfect though.

Esperma de Mutante
We need to hear Toby Huss' take on A BLOO BLA BLOO! That's the deal maker/breaker for me.
Toby Huss is using his King of the Hill generic hobo/redneck voice for Ray which was essentially just Kahn without the asian accent. Not a good choice.
Ray's voice is just... awful. Otherwise I'm fine with it?
Animation's good, voice acting's good, pacing's all wrong. This felt like a typical Xtranormal video to me.
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