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Desc:These tabby Kittens have found a short cut to their food.
Category:Pets & Animals, Pets & Animals
Tags:chickens cats pekins quails tubbytubbytubtub cute
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Comment count is 14
Of all the different tags related to cats, this guy couldn't find any of them.

So 5 for that.
Didn't even manage to active the tag with his last submission, either.

holy shit and he keeps submitting things with his name "Jack" as the title.... this is my new favorite poester.

michael jackson eating popcorn dot gif

yeah definitely encourage them to do that cause when they're full size that will be fun to deal with.
He'll pay for that cuteness later.

Nah...all my cats have done this when they were wee kittens, but they stop once they get past a certain point. I kinda miss these moments of having 5-6 little guys all jumping around and climbing shit. It ruins all your furniture and you wind up with gross cuts all over your body, but it's cute.

Jet Bin Fever
This is a really well done submission. You guys could learn a thing or two.
Wait till you see the thrilling conclusion in part 2!
Stars for the submission insanity going on here.
Shit tags poor title, but KITTENS!!!
il fiore bel
Jackie, you broke your tags. You wouldn't b--

Holy shit, I just had deja vu.

Jackie, if you're gonna play here, you might want to learn how to make tags.

And to not duplicate your own videos.

-1 star for laziness.
Someone else has my magic submission duplicator thing. That's amazing.
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