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Desc:Sonic Hedgehog both causes and explains autism
Category:Video Games, Educational
Tags:autism, Sonic The Hedgehog, michael savage, monotone, megasonic
Submitted:January von Rodeo
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Comment count is 12
RocketBlender - 2013-03-09
The intro is almost half the video. That's worth 5 stars alone, in my book.
January von Rodeo - 2013-03-09
I'm currently laid out with some nasty bronchitis and too exhausted to catalogue it, but I encourage viewers to look deeper into what this guy's channel has to offer.
Caminante Nocturno - 2013-03-09
A real Sonic the Hedgehog fan would have at least tried to imitate Jaleel White.
Gmork - 2013-03-09
Holy fuck I just put the two together. Sonic is goddamned urkel.

Old_Zircon - 2013-03-09
I really want to see a serious, peer reviewed study about the psychology behind the autism/sonic fandom connection.
memedumpster - 2013-03-10
Would you settle for a TED Talk given by Chris Chan where he screams at the audience for twenty minutes in confusion and fear, pisses himself, throws up, and passes out?

Because, I would.

Nikon - 2013-03-09
I am reminded of Chris-chan's Autism Tutorials on Little Pig Blanket.
Raggamuffin - 2013-03-09
Sick Burn! Your move, Michael Savage.
sjohnson301 - 2013-03-09
What is all this new Sonic shit I'm seeing on here? It's like that brony crap. Disturbing bunch of gobble-dee-gook.
Gmork - 2013-03-09
"I have Sonic and I'm not an autism fan"

Gmork - 2013-03-09
I know autism does not equal dyslexia, but c'mon that's pretty great

yogarfield - 2014-01-18
my god, that picture of savage. i imagine he is going for what he feels is a "hip plantation owner" look, but the whole getup just screams "i'll never forget how ginsberg's cock tasted".
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