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Category:Classic Movies, Crime
Tags:yes, vincent gallo, Buffalo 66, anxiety
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Comment count is 24
Adham Nu'man
YES! YES! YES! I was looking for this on youtube just the other day. It's the best scene from one of my favorite movies.

Thanks man!

The only thing I miss is the scene immediately thereafter when he calls his friend and tells him "yeah, I met him, he seemed like a really nice guy"
Hay Belly
It's 9$ at Walmart man pull yourself together.

Adham Nu'man
Haha, Walmart just came to my country last year and they have "El Santo vs Las Momias" but no Buffalo 66 I'm sorry to say.

I love that line. He's a really nice guy because he drunkenly offered me a shot! Me!!

Adham Nu'man
Also, is it me or is this scene edited (and not by the uploader, it must be a different cut of the movie from what I saw)?

I remember that when he contemplates what would happen if he actually pulled the trigger he also dreams of his burial, with only his two shitty parents there not giving a damn and his mom trying to listen to a game involving the forever losing Buffalo team. Did I dream that?

Robin Kestrel
Yeah, titties are pretty much the best thing ever.
Adham Nu'man
They're tennies. Tennis shoes.

Father Avalanche
I believe these belong to you, Mr Nu'man.

Um, have you seen Vincent Gallo's eyes?

Back when "bullet time" meant "hold really still."
I'm way pat due to see this again.

What song is that on the soundtrack? I know I own the LP but I forget what it is. Egg? The Nice?
Heart of the Sunrise I think

Thanks! I'm not usually a big Yes fan, but sometimes they surprise me.

I gave that album to my roommate, maybe it's time to pick a copy that isn't all beat up.

Adham Nu'man
Yeah I'm not a fan of Yes either but this song is mostly dominated by Bill Bruford's (co-composer on this one) drumming who, at this stage, was dying to leave Yes and join King Crimson (which he did less than a year after this song was created), and in fact most of it sounds much more like a Crimson track than it does Yes.

Yeah, it really does.

I remember seeing this at like 3AM on the Sundance Channel while in high school. Ever since I've been trying to find out what the hell the name of this movie was, so thanks for that.

These days Vincent Gallo is a hardcore conservative and thinks George W. Bush is the best president we ever had. Huh.
He's not a hardcore conservative/racist/homophobe. Gallo is a troll.

Oh really now? How did you come to such a conclusion.

From Wikipedia:

Gallo is a supporter of the Republican Party, and has been seen at a New York fashion show with George W. Bush's daughters Barbara and Jenna.[14] He has stated that his fantasy is "becoming more like the stereotype of the Republican Party."[15] He also wishes to look "more like [American conservative journalist] George Will."[15] In his own words, Gallo "considered himself a radical, always, but an extremely conservative radical."

Anyway, here's a short clip of him discussing his politics:


MySpace. I'm linking to MySpace. I think I need a shower...


Adham Nu'man
I wouldn't call him a troll exactly, although it's not completely incorrect either. His whole life is some sort of hissy-fit performance art of some kind, and although there's definitely humor involved, he's kind of lost himself in the role.

Here's a good article on him: http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2003/nov/14/television

That was quite something.
I had forgotten why i liked this movie so much
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