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Desc:Filmed at 24fps.
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:water, hose, i learned something, sine wave
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So, is it a fake? I thought you only got water patterns like that from filming at a certain framerate. If that's the case, would the cast shadows also have the same pattern?

Not a fake- the camera films at 24fps.

It's not the water so much as the tube itself being shaken.

I don't think the specific frame rate is as important as the fact that the sine wave is at the exact same frequency (24Hz in this case). I might be wrong about that but I don't see why the specific frequency would be too critical as long as it was low enough.

This is basically identical to how an oscilloscope works, incidentally. the movement of the hose is the Y axis, the flow of the water is the Y axis and the shutter of the camera is the trigger.

And the light reflecting from the water combines with the lens to form the CRT.

It's only "fake" in that it wouldn't look like this to the naked eye. You see a clean pattern because the camera is capturing frames at the same rate that the tube is oscillating. When he toys with the frequency by a hz or two, the effect changes. Same as when you watch a car wheel or helicopter blade spin, and for a moment it looks like it's moving backwards ect.

I've seen something very much like this done with a strobe light, there wasn't a corkscrew effect.

Surprising lack of dubstep.
Oh, the things that ran through my mind when I read the title as "A horse attached to a 24Hz sound source."

The wavelength of 24hz is 14.29 meters (at the speed of sound). This is a camera trick only and, like was pointed out, shaking the drum.
The God of Biscuits
The 23/25 Hz demonstration is a perfect example of signal aliasing.
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