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Desc:starts may 19th
Category:Trailers, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Venture Bros.
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Comment count is 8
i's about fucking time.
I think season 4 featured topical jokes about the Grover Cleveland administration

Not going to watch the whole thing for fear of spoilers, but stars.
Innocent Bystander
Minus stars for Captain Sunshine. I know, you'd think the topic of pedophilia is so intrinsically funny that VB can keep going there with multiple characters and still never run it into the ground; and yet it somehow happened.

But that still leaves five stars, easy.

So, the Halloween episode is officially part of Season 5 then? Rot13 spoiler on the Halloween episode: Qrna xabjf ur vf n pybar. Ur unf pubfra abg gb gryy Unax, abg lrg naljnl.

Unax and Qrna Iragher rule!
Not nuts about Hatred getting a boob job. Nevermind that they already did that with Hunter, Hatred's never shown the slightest indication he did not love being a man.

Everything else looks just delightful.
My guess is bitch tits.

Way too much from the already aired Halloween episode. Still a 5 though.
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