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Desc:Damn that's quick.
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:louis ck, heckler, brilliant, charity, stand up comedy
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 14
"Hey Louis, here's me wanting to be part of YOUR show!"
Should I watch Louis?
Adham Nu'man
You mean Louie? Yes, seasons 1 & 2, watch them.

That guy
...and then watch season 3.

No, he meant Louis. Yes, you should watch it.

it peaked with season XIV but you'll want to keep watching to XVI to see how it ends.

I stopped enjoying the show after I watched him eat a tub of ice cream like he was a depressed teenage girl. I think he has a hormone problem.

American Standard
More evidence to support my theory that genuinely funny people can ad-lib with no speedbump to speak of.
I seriously question how much of that is ad-libbed. I've heard interview-Louie CK, and what he says doesn't come off that polished.

He, like all comedians, has lots of hecklers. So I'm sure he has lots of come backs up his sleeve. But I bet there's some mix of ad-lib and prepared comments for assholes.

I also think he's much more comfortable on stage than in an interview setting.

Louis CK was all over this shit and shut it down. He is still sitting at home googling himself every day, as he said he is obsessed with doing. 5 stars for that.
Crab Mentality

It's really not that good of a bit. Not so much rage as it was tempered dismissal that you could time with a metronome.
Also, I apologize in advance for the shitty source for the resubmit but you gotta do what you gotta do. It's on the internet, Louis. You can't get it back.

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