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Desc:Conan's associate producer is a little bit of an unbearable snob.
Category:Classic TV Clips, None
Tags:Conan, Jordan Schlansky, foodie
Submitted:That guy
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Comment count is 16
I'm sure he's in character, but I've never wanted to punch a face more.
This is just a version of the double act: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double_act

Schlansky's character is the straight man here, Conan (obviously) the funny man.

Not really meant as a reply to you, but more of an addendum to the "I'm sure he's in character" comment.

this dude is a star
On the main page I thought "That guy" was the description. It turns out it kind of is.
Same here

I didn't realize it wasn't until your comment

That guy
Come to think of it, I have been fairly called an Italian food snob. I don't have Schlanskyish levels of pretentious foodie prating coxcombry.
I will get pissed if just anything gets called "bolognese", for instance. And I have informed too many people of how there's no pepperoni pizza in Italy. I have more examples, but I don't want to get raped.
Not trying to be that guy but...

Yes you are trying to be that guy. I think it's cute that you're so bashful about it. Now bend over, sir.

That guy
Fair is fair.

wtf japan
Please make Schlansky go to Olive Garden. Please.
"and raped"
There's a special place in hell for obnoxious foodies. We've been overrun with them the last few years, thanks to the Food Channel and the internet.
Whenever someone says 'foodie', I mentally substitute 'glutton'.

Jet Bin Fever
We all know someone like this.
this is a fucking classic, I love this clip
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