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Desc:Doom/Half Life 2 Mashup
Category:Video Games
Tags:Doom, Half Life, mashup
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Comment count is 12
That is AWESOME.

Seriously considering picking it up, Half life 2 maps would make GREAT doom maps.
Forgot my stars
Ahhh, you're contagious!

I should just play Doom again. For whatever reason, with video games, I can't grow up. The only new games I ever play are sports games with the occasional Skyrim or Saints Row here and there. But I play old games (Mario 3, A Link to the Past, Master of Orion 2, etc.) constantly. Yet, for some reason, despite spending a whole year playing it pretty much exclusively, I never go back and play Doom.
Doom is still really fun. Quake 1 holds up well, too.
That was supposed to be a reply to Hooker.

This looks really fun.
I'm giving it stars for including the midi music. Also, shouldn't you be able to take out a helicopter with at most two hits from the BFG9000?
Born in the RSR
The door opening vertically made this.
Sanest Man Alive
Jesus, I hadn't realized how much I miss the days when you could actually carry fifty rockets at once and circle-strafe like a speed skater.

So much vindication watching him BFG the walkers and that fucking gunship, too.
Back before guns took up half the screen trying to aim with iron sights. Reticules were good enough for us, dammit!

And don't get grandpa started on changing out mags.

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