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Desc:They just think ending the buggery law will lead society to pedophilia and bestiality.
Category:Religious, News & Politics
Tags:homosexuality, Jamaica, Love March Movement, buggery, anti-gay
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Comment count is 16
IrishWhiskey - 2013-03-29
In Jamaica, equality advocates and gay men, women and children have been brutally tortured and murdered by lynch mobs when they dare to speak publicly. The reaction of the elected parliament has been to blame the victims for being gay, rather than stop the violence.

If you actually love all people as Jesus Christ shed his blood for them, then why not actually do it? Why not stand next to that gay woman and try to protect her from the noose at the risk of your own life? Why not demonstrate your opposition to violence by marching against all those who engage in it? Why not put your supposed respect for human life first, and your bigotry second?

But I suppose insulting and judging people while patting yourself on the back for being loving and non-judgmental is much easier and safer.
Preybyemail - 2013-03-29
1. Fuck Jesus.
2. Fuck you.
3. Fuck those faggots. If they didnt get hanged, they would have caught some disease off a shit covered meat mallet.

augias - 2013-03-29
Oho-ho! Baby is using big person words today

StanleyPain - 2013-03-29
Go back to FARK. You fit in better with socially broken fucktards over there.

Preybyemail - 2013-03-29
Socially broken?

Were on a website that uses people like exhibits in a museum, so we can make fun of them in a way that lets us continue to make fun of them, and your calling me socially broken?

augias - 2013-03-29
Does baby have a point or just some poopy in the diapey?

StanleyPain - 2013-03-29
Yes, "socially broken." Why? Because of a bunch of homophobes (most of whom are probably self-loathing gays) hiding behind the anonymity of the internet commenting on news stories about gays and gay issues by oh-so-bravely calling them faggots and dykes is socially broken.

I don't expect you to understand the difference between what the POE community has done for ages and some brah-dude, goon-style, free-for-all forum of basement dwellers that you can smell across the internet, so I won't bother explaining it.

memedumpster - 2013-03-29
Jamaica only doesn't look like North Korea to straight people, but every homo knows that.

My stars are for Preybyemail not realizing that he is, in fact, one of this website's more cherished exhibits.

CJH - 2013-03-29
prey, please update your shit. this ain't portalofevil no more, your 'exhibits in a museum' line doesn't apply here. look at the top favorites of all time, only one (the juggalo funeral) could be construed as atrocity tourism. also, just fuck your nonsense in general, such a bad troll i am sort of embarrassed

Toenails - 2013-03-29

This is what gets me: you're either one of two things, a genuine bigoted individual or some guy whose hobby is to troll this website.

If your a bigoted individual, well okay. But what sort of connection do you think you're making with us to warrant coming back here? Obviously, you can't have many real friends, because people would see you for what you are and figure that life would be better when they would not have to deal with you. Maybe you got some like-minded family members that you could share interests with? Maybe, probably. If this was the case, you lead a pretty sad life. And I'm sorry. Damn what a shitty life you must wake up to every morning.

But maybe you just say these things because you feed off all the negative attention your comments garner. Are you some guy who felt wronged by this community, and the only way you can talk to us is by saying really gimmicky racist and bigoted shit? If this is the case, here's a quick life lesson for you, ol' Poe News people hurt my feelings on occasion and instead of being that incessant guy who can't let something drop, I figured that the best way to deal with the situation was to take myself out of it. My apologies to the guys who liked that website, but one day I thought that the community was too poisonous for my mental health. So I decided to not post there anymore. It's really freeing, Preybyemail, I suggest you try it sometime.

Maybe you think that you are holding a mirror up to our own racist assumptions and beliefs. But, I don't understand how you would think that anyone on here would identify with what you are saying. Hell, I live in Topeka, Kansas (home of the Phelps Clan), and you even lack the subtlety of a "FAGS BURN IN HELL" sign painted in a neon rainbow. By the way, you know what we Topekans do to the Phelp's picketing? We ignore the shit out of that. Do you really want to be ignored? Judging by the amount of "IN YOUR FACE" offensiveness, I'm willing to bet that you would rather not.

I would be more than happy if one day you drop all this bullshit racist/sexist/homophobic shit and just be a member of our community. Anyone who can learn to enjoy crappy videos and provide some of their own is 5 stars as far as I'm concerned. Hell, I know that Cena got his fair share of criticism and that poor John Holmes is getting the tenth degree, but they are going above and beyond in opening themselves up and connecting with me (and with other members of poeTV).

But you, you are doing this thing. This thing that makes people dislike you. Why? This website showcases bad videos, can't you just try to come here to rate and share bad videos? It would be a start, and I'm not sure that you won't be forever reminded of the offensive things you say, but would it be so bad to make a friend on here by being a sort of individual who's at least half-way a human being?

I dunno, maybe we aren't worth it. Maybe you'd rather be this way because this is the only way you can interact with your fellow human beings. In that case, yuck bro!

TL;DR: Nah, you know what? Fuck you, read this you lazy shitbag.

misterbuns - 2013-03-30
dude is a boring troll, that's about it.

misterbuns - 2013-03-30
who still posts here, so that's lol.

Shoebox Joe - 2013-03-30
I hate saying this, since it is literally the feel good stuff you'd expect from a heart-warming TGIF block intended as a PSA after an incident, but Preybyemail really is the kind of person who hates people because he hates himself.

If you can't really come to terms that not all laughter = condescending ridicule in even the most awkward light then you really gotta work on yourself.

Ricky Gervais' video with Elmo and Warwick. Look for it, embrace it.

Blue - 2013-03-29
I love it how people sometimes think that using the law against people isn't violence.
Shoebox Joe - 2013-03-30
They just assume it doesn't lead to "violence".

That way, any "violent" outbursts from their targets can just be offed as some one who isn't "enlightened".

I know that won't make your day better, so here's this.
http://www.dorfonlaw.org/2013/02/halo-or-taint-in-blag-doma-br ief.html

fluffy - 2013-03-29
If buggery is inlawed then only inlaws will be gay
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