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Desc:A very happy little town
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:happy, parks, voice, simcity
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I'm guessing this is made possible thanks to the amazingly flawed and laughably poor attempt at draconian user control in the game:

http://www.cinemablend.com/games/SimCity-Hack-Lets-Users-Destr oy-Anyone-Online-City-Thanks-Always-DRM-53685.html

I don't expect these douchenozzles to stop trying to make games earn money forever, but I hope someone's always able to mod them into playable games.
In this case, apparently when you're over other peoples' cities they forgot to disable one of the building tabs for parks. Instant eco-terrorism!

EA has sledgehammered themselves in the face with this game release, and it's really fun to watch. They made me not feel silly for having an SoE account, and I thought nothing could do that.

I never thought I'd savour the pain of an imploding SimCity release, but internet-only-DRM has a way of rearranging my brand loyalties.

its sad cause i love this franchise, but this is a broke as fuck game. small city sizes, online only play, and the fact that you really dont need to build anything but residential zones (http://youtu.be/ACdu1ho2Ic4) . fuck ea
fun side note: so it didnt take long, but you can play this thing offline and outside of the city limits that they gave you http://youtu.be/Bmce9oIxJag also fuck ea

I imagine the initial design process started and ended at a whiteboard that had SOCIAL MEDIA written on it. Possibly underlined several times.

The one senior game developer actually allowed into the meeting realized how unimaginably stupid it was, but knew the room full of marketing and accounting managers wouldn't listen to anything he said.

That, and he'd get paid either way to make this turd, not like there would be a bonus for him if it's a success.

After cleaning up the conference room, he slowly paced back to the windowless "office" he shared with another dev, wondering where his life went wrong and wishing that he wasn't so scared of suicide.

SolRo, that's a pretty accurate guess actually. So far, the official mouthpiece has said that the game is too programmed for online play to be usable without it. Then, someone proved that a lie. The official mouthpiece then changed the story to mean that their vision for the game was too entrenched in the online ideology to be playable offline. Now EA employees are openly mocking the company.

http://www.ea.com/news/simcity-update-straight-answers-from-lu cy

EA being the video game equivalent of the Tea Party has riveted my attention, and fascinates me to no end.

SolRo: How cynical of you! Just because EA recently bought Big Fish games to try and capture the Farmville gamer right after that kind of thing has become glutted and annoying to a lot of players...

But yeah, the Sim AI is such garbage that I think they could easily be sued for false advertising as they don't in any way behave the way they were advertised to. That is, each individual Sim doesn't have a life it follows or any kind of decision making beyond "where's the nearest job today?" followed by "where's the nearest empty house?"

SPK, that is the most accurate programming of American existence possible in modern computing architecture. You have no appreciation for the electronic arts!

These fucking dirt farmers don't even know what happiness is.
Needs a Bob Ross tag.
all i really wanted was a prettier version of simcity 2000
It's not a sport, so EA's Madden Autodev couldn't combine old game code, 5% better graphics and add the current year at the end of the title

i dont want to fart on no snare drum

Jet Bin Fever
Its a shame. I love sandbox games.
It kind of is, but only for those who love either fixing or poking holes in corporate-sequel video games.

Caminante Nocturno
These people are not happy, so we're just going to remove them from the town.
Binro the Heretic
Which has actually been a strategy used in many real-life cities.

American Standard
Funny, but I'm still really disappointed that this is the fate of the video game that got me into games in the first place.

I was trying so hard not to believe the bad press about tiny cities and draconian DRM, a couple of months back. I held out so much hope. Not enough to pre-order, but I had myself convinced that it couldn't be as bad as it was being made out to be.

what a cock-up.
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