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Desc:Paranoid schizophrenic plays 30 minutes of muffled audio 'proof' people say 'gangstalking' near her
Category:Crime, Educational
Tags:paranoid schizophrenia, Gang stalking, Gangstalking, organized stalking, exposesocialservices
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Comment count is 9
Woo, finally the crazies in my town make their POETV debut.
So, how is the sequester going to effect gangstalking?
The sequester doesn't seem to be affecting gangstalking that much. I mean, they're evidently still able to pay all of these "Sandy Hook actors" 0 a day each to perform "street theater" near StealthWaveF22Raptor while he waits in the ER.




She has dozens, if not hundreds, of videos exactly like this (on multiple accounts, see also "expsoingsdpd1"), and the only person I ever hear saying "gangstalking" is her.

Particularly lulzy in this one is that she felt the need to include the audio of her going to the bathroom from about 17:00 to 19:00. Lots of creepy breathing sounds.
Here's another video of hers filmed on location where you can clearly hear some guy not saying "gangstalking" even though she claims he did.

I think he's speaking Italian, though she claims he's speaking German.

She went to buy a new recorder because this one was running out of memory...
You CAN'T delete the EVIDENCE, you fool! How else will THEY be EXPOSED?!

Joke's on them, all the digital recorders link wirelessly GS HQ. Any evidence recorded is professionally edited to sound like normal people talking.

If you go into your bathroom, turn off all the lights, look in the mirror, and say "gangstalker gangstalker gangstalker," I can see you.

So please don't.
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