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Desc:with Lisa Kudrow
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:1999, Andy Dick, lisa kudrow, Phantom Menace, hmmm
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Comment count is 10
It's not like the insertion into movie scenes was original even then, but it's still a shockingly lazy job of editing and writing. They don't interact with the other characters at all, that the lines make no sense is their only joke.

Plus, for some reason I can't stand Andy Dick. That reason being that he's shockingly unfunny awful person whose idea of comedy is a lisp.
He also possibly indirectly caused Phil Hartman's murder by getting his wife back on drugs. So there's that.

Can we just stop blaming Andy Dick for this. His wife was insane. Cocaine doesn't make you commit murder.

James Woods
Yeah, leave cocain out of this. Spending time with Andy Dick makes you want to commit murder.

What's awesome, IrishWhiskey, is that the people who read the comments before they watch the clip are going to assume that you're just talking about Episode I.

Prickly Pete
He maintains that the rumor of him giving Phil's wife drugs are vehemently untrue. His words were something like, "When I had drugs I kept them, I didn't give them away." Sound logic.

"Vehemently untrue?" That's a grammatical pretzel right there.

il fiore bel
Andy Dick is still a...well, a dick.

But he takes one hell of a mugshot.

Prickly Pete
Hahaha exy, damn it! I struggled with that for like 4 minutes before settling on it. I couldn't think of a better word and even went as far as looking up the dictionary meaning of "vehemently" just to rationalize using it. Still didn't quite fit, but I guess I was hoping everyone just kinda looked the other way. You win this round...

John Holmes Motherfucker
I like DICK.
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