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Desc:The punchline is rape!
Category:Video Games, Arts
Tags:bear, Furries, Tekken, rape, nerds ruin everything
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Comment count is 13
Actually, the punchline is "helpful man mauled to death."
yeah dawg get your mind out of the rape gutter

I believe the implied scenario is that he's raped to death.

Caminante Nocturno
Well, there's no guarantee he died. Maybe the suit provided enough of a buffer to keep his wounds from being fatal.

No, I'm pretty sure he died.

But don't worry! Some scientists manage to salvage what's left of his body, and ressurect him as a half-human cyborg police panda, dedicated to fighting sex-crimes.

He's going to be a hidden character in Tekken vs Rumble Roses 2015.

Jet Bin Fever
Tekken Tag Tournament just doesn't seem right without Asuka. I don't care for the newer Jiujitsu babe as much.
Asuka is the newer Jiujitsu babe - did you mean Jun? They're both in TTT2.

Jet Bin Fever
Jun, yes... I meant Jun. I used to play her a lot and I got her mixed up with the other. Glad to hear shes back in the game though.

Caminante Nocturno
Fighting games have the best plots.
The above statement is in no way a joke.

Cherry Pop Culture
I read years ago in Electronics Gaming Monthly or Gampro, right before Tekken 4 came out, the producers wanted to get rid of the more ridiculous characters like Gunjack, Devil and Ogre. But they never dropped Kuma or Panda and instead had a gender flipped Eddy Gordo and Lee Chaolan's secret identity as a separate character.
hey, violet deserved better. VIOLET ALWAYS DESERVES BETTER

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