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Desc:once every thirty minutes this giant thing blows out giant smoke rings. People line up for this.
Category:Religious, Science & Technology
Tags:Anime, WTF Japan, One Piece, smoke ring
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Comment count is 11
what a spectacle
That was it? Just two puffs? Hard to believe people wait around for it...
I'll bet it would have been way better if we'd had subtitles!

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
This thing ought to be the central relic/holy site of some religion!
That would be cool
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Also are the japanese less likely to have epilepsy or what!?
Seems to be crazy strong strobes in everything.
The ones that do have epilepsy are weeded out pretty early in their development.

You made good on your promise!
One Piece is super fun as far as these things go, though.
A friend of mine tried to get me into it. As a general rule, the first thing I ask when someone tries to get me to follow a series is how many episodes it currently has. If I'd need to spend something like 50+++ hours to get caught up to the current episodes, or just don't ever see a series having an actual ending (I like closure, what can I say?), I don't bother.

That said, One Piece is up to something like 400 episodes. I just don't have that kind of time anymore.

Jet Bin Fever
Odaiba is a crazy place. And man, this is just one example of how many weird things are there.
I wonder how many x-rated variations of exhibit exist.
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