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Desc:I'm sorry, guys. I'm really sorry.
Category:Humor, None
Tags:white people, getting myself 1starred as an object lesson, mlp, bronies
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Comment count is 24
Spaceman Africa
never is the "white people" tag so appropriate
White folks have done more bad to hip hop than good. This is worse than Molotov's attempts at it.

Spaceman Africa
Also "getting myself 1 starred as an object lession"

Heh, I suppose I've earned it. I knew what I was doing when I submitted this, but it was too awful not to.

Okay, does anyone know what the tag that will link is?

Nevermind, found it. I also just realized right now that there are two 'none' categories, and I need to pick the right one for 'Humor, None' to show up.

Anyway, all fixed up.

Wordy, delivered with as much convincing attitude as a children's theater actor, and totally lacking in rhythm or cleverness.

This has been viewed over a quarter of a million times. What the fuck.
The line "you're gonna derp it up like you're delivering mail" was pretty clever.

See, it's a diss, but it's also an allusion to Derpy, who is a mailpony.

I really don't get the whole epic rap battle thing.
John Holmes Motherfucker
I'm submitting more Boxxy videos. You deserve them.
Yeah, no shit, we need a Tim & Eric week too.

I said I was sorry, JHM!

Just make sure you include the cinco commercials, meme.

John Holmes Motherfucker

Happy Easter, PoeTV!

Yeah more obscure laughable wrestling headed your way!

Billy the Poet
This is terrible.
Some people are "fans of the pony fandom." Those people should be made subject to random amputations.
Adham Nu'man
Sudan no1
More like AutisticBrony vs. Manchildpony geddit
Well, I don't like it.
La Loco
Shivers ran down my whole body when I watched this. Some sort of instinctual aversion.
With this, a lot of the TFL stuff, and any Chris-Chan video, I always get so embarrassed watching it despite no one else being around, I'll usually pause them and return to them once or twice before finishing.

To me, that's usually a sign of something submittable.

Its CRINGE. The feeling of embarrassment for someone else so strong, that it embarrasses you.

Reddit has a subforum devoted to it. Lots and lots of cringe.

Is that what they mean when they say something in cringe worthy? I always thought it meant something really disgusting, like those cyst videos or something. I've been using it wrong all along.

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