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Desc:Submitted at least partially for the 'natives are lazy Mexicans'-type YouTube comments.
Category:Sports, News & Politics
Tags:hockey, canada, tweed, Six Nations
Submitted:Seven Arts/H8 Red
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Comment count is 14
Hockey, eh?
I had no idea Canadians were capable of this. Then again, it is hockey.
are you kidding me? you fell right into their trap of politeness apparently

We take our hockey very seriously.

Two of the three are Vancouver, baby!


The guy at 1:24. This is very Canadian.

NIIICE. Jackass.
Every time someone says 'nice' like that it makes me think of John Ennis.

Jet Bin Fever
me too! Niiiice!

anyone has been to one of these games knows that this is par for the course

at a game in a upper class area of New Jersey, I once saw a tiny hockey mom (with her nice shoes and Louis Vuitton purse) have to be physically restrained from attacking a group of teenagers

the stands of youth hockey games, at any level, are a greater source of seething anger and barely-restrained violence than the Gaza Strip
I voted this one up purely because of the camera bearer and her "hyuk hyuk a fight!" attitude turning into "WAHHHHHH STOP HITTING MEEEEE". That felt good.
Her video description is awesome. You can practically see the blustery indignation.

Oh good! Comments are disabled now! I'm glad to see this woman is standing up to the bullies. What bravery!
I'm pretty sure I played hockey at this arena when I was a kid...

...no, fuck it. All hockey arenas and all hockey parents are the same.
I've honestly never seen or heard Canadians act like this.

It's precious.
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