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Desc:You know it's sinister cuz there's an 'x' in the name.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:conspiracy, glenn beck, system x
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Comment count is 21
Well he actually got the definition of state capitalism right. Now let's see how fast he can take it to crack town.
So close, yet so far away.

Since the labour movement opposes state capitalism but loves government, it must be a grand illusion because they're lefties.
The only place safe and American left to live is in a cave, which is the Republican platform.
Adham Nu'man
No, fuck don't send Republicans into caves, goddamn you!

Is he wearing mom pants?
Those are Beck's "1791" jeans, which he designed and sells.

Spaceman Africa
I don't know why he chose a name that sounds like a 90's alternative rock band
Caminante Nocturno
Or something out of a 90's anime OVA.

I don't suppose there's been any follow-up on Beck's fortress libertopian colony of idiocy? How about that conservative Christian version of "Glee?"

What do you mean he just spouts bullshit and doesn't actually do anything he says beyond paying someone to write his next book?
Caminante Nocturno
When System X is in place, we will initiate the Z Plan and launch Gamera into space.
Gamera is really neat, he is full of turtle meat, we believe in Gam-er-ra!!!!

Jet Bin Fever
I feel so sorry for his audience. It must be awful being mildly retarded.
Are you kidding? It must be wonderful living inside of a Nic Cage conspiracy flick.

I cannot rate this, because up until I clicked play, I thought this was gonna be a new Beck music video. I even thought he was wearing a grey wig and makeup for some reason...
I guess five because I had forgotten that this turd even existed. I thought he was off TV now?

His TV show was picked up by TheBlaze.

I too was hopeful that this was just my favorite 90s musician in another video that makes no sense but set to a catchy tune.

Yet another reason to hate glen otherbeck.

That guy
That was too loopy and vague for Right Wing Watch to bother with. Under the assumption that RWW is dumbly worried about every one of Beck's babbles now, 5 stars.
Maybe they're spacing out the depressing stupidity/bigotry/criminality with comedic non-sensical stupidity/bigotry

That guy
...in the spirit of media watchdog conviviality.

Is this the long-awaited follow-up to Revolution X, starring Aerosmith??
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