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Desc:Because Lou Bega's had it too good for too long!
Tags:lou bega, mambo number 5, party city, christ its 2013 why are we still making fun of thi
Submitted:Prickly Pete
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Comment count is 13
I'm amazed enough people remember Mambo No. 5 for this to happen.
Billy the Poet
This is aimed at people with children. They've had their ability to determine what is not shit obliterated.

Cherry Pop Culture
Oh man, does that mean I'm in trouble if I want kids one day? I need someone to inherit my crap.

Billy the Poet
I'll take vinyl LPs in good condition, but no books that aren't hardcover.

Jet Bin Fever
Well we did, didn't we?

The only way it could have been a more overly-tired and dated reference was if they'd also referenced WHO LET THE DOGS OUT and "All Your Base".
Does anyone remember who did the "All Your Base" song that was so big when that was a current meme? I know he was a People red poster because he was at PoeCon 2 but K forget what his user name was and don't know if he's still around.

...or the Macarena

Father Avalanche
You guys used to have conventions way back when?

Jet Bin Fever
There are pictures too. I think they just got drunk out in the woods or something.

The guy responsible for the AYB music vid was jrr, who hadn't been seen in PoE-Original or PoE-News for a long time even before both had their respective plugs pulled.

Good to hear that Smash Mouth guy's still in the biz
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