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Desc:NASA's promotional video
Category:Science & Technology, Trailers
Tags:awesome, NASA, Space, exploration, space exploration
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Comment count is 7
Too US-centric, as always, when NASA makes a 'all of humanity' video.

Spoiler; For the foreseeable future we'll only be sending probes and ROVs into space, with maybe a publicity/ego generating manned moon landing by whichever country has the money to burn.

Only way humans are going to end up going past earth orbit is when disaster forces us or harvesting extraterrestrial resources becomes profitable.
There's no way that harvesting resources from outer space could ever be profitable because it would take more resources to get there then you could ever get.

Why would a department of the US Federal Government have a US-centric perspective?

Damn those UScentrists!

And what about eccentric billionaires? The public sector may not have the balls to deliver us unto the stars, not now that it's stopped obsessing over blowing up half the planet, but surely you wouldn't discount the private sector. Never underestimate the power of insanely wealthy people with nothing better to do.

Other countries aren't the ones destroying NASA, so they feel no need to beg the populace of actual thinking nations for cash. This video is basically begging your rapist to stop raping you. It's pointless, and tragic, but at the time it seems necessary.

There is no way profit motive can play a role in a non-extinct future humanity. The goal of business is extinction of non-consuming slaves.

I said realistically, not Star Trek idealistically.

Right, because the laws of physics are tied to the dollar, otherwise STAR TREK!

Damn, dude, just fuck.

Jet Bin Fever
Oh yeah? Well build me a moonbase and then maybe you can talk.
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