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Desc:Guys, you want a dating tip?
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:sex, christianity, GLOW, HoneydewWilkins, activated
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Comment count is 20
"...when I became sexually activated"
Adham Nu'man
Erection in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...


Scanning for docking space.

Docking space identified.

I'm sure it felt just as mechanical for her. or the other guy.

Adham Nu'man
I usually go for the glow but most girls don't seem to be into it the first time.
I expected the G.L.O.W. but this works.
I expected Leroy Green.

Girls, SHAME SHAME SHAME. Guy, Go for the glow.
The Mothership
somebody make a good Soul-glow joke, please.
Make me.

its hard to pay attention to it considering the content, please take a moment to bask in the glory of the Phillies powder blue 70's uni's
Herr Matthias
"You want to avoid making serious mistakes"

Oh you mean like trading Ryne Sandberg OH SNAP I WENT THERE

Definitely the best uniforms.

I hate conservative Christians. I want to put them in camps. There i said it.
How appropriate! I'm heading to Auschwitz in a few minutes. :P

Please poesters, check out the rest of HoneydewWilkins channel. It's a goldmine I will be unable to sift through for the next couple of months.

They also want to put other people in camps.

Around here we have Karate Camp, Vacation Bible Camp, 4H, KOA, Boy and Girl Scouts, Paintball Retreat, and Monastic Retreats.

You guys need more activity coordinators if all you have are death camps.

And besides, I said CONSERVATIVE Christians. We all know they'd welcome the chance to actually be persecuted for their beliefs. And it's not like they're people....
Oh no, that mustache is sending only one signal, baby. It's okay, I don't care if you're married, we both know why you're here.
"There is nothing more beautiful than a young woman with that glow of purity!"

first recommended video: Teen Girl Soaks a Diaper

hmm, I guess that is subjective...
I'm sorry, the right-wingers who helped engineer Reagan's "I want it now, to hell with the rest of you" society want me to wait for marriage?
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