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Desc:By which I mean, she tears Maggie's fat moldy corpse a new worm-hole. Be sure to stay for the end.
Category:News & Politics, Arts
Tags:death, England, Also her balls are huge, margaret thatcher, englands legislature is more fun
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There needs to be a reality TV show where we trade the House of Representatives for the House of Commons for a year. The stipulation is that we get to keep one of theirs for every one of ours that commits suicide over there.
CSPAN used to air footage of parliament when there was nothing else worth airing and it was basically some of the best political TV ever. It went from 2 hours of boring roll-call/technical stuff in Congress to old people calling each other "right bastards" and heckling each other for what felt like an eternity.

I remember that, loved it.

Chocolate Jesus
That felt good.

Too bad we no longer have a functioning labor movement in the US.
Shanghai Tippytap
they barely have a functioning labor movement in britain. gotta love the speaker laying down some serious shut the fuck up at the end there.

Not only is the woman a downright inspiration, but the badass at the end made me feel good too. I want to see that man eloquently smack down everyone, everywhere.
Emmanuella Goldstein.
"England's Legislature is More Fun"
thank you Glenda
Caminante Nocturno
This speech should be the only way people remember the tin bitch.
I wrote my own, and here is a copy/paste.

" I'm not British. I may be of British declension but I've never been there, although I watch a lot of their television (or "telly", as I'm told; I'm told this by the television).

Still, Aunt Maggie is hard to mourn, largely because she personally privatized mourning and shut down all the eulogy mines to spite the Mourning Unions. She gave us punk (which I'm told is dead, but so is Midge). Her presence gave birth to the one musical form entirely DEFINED by nastiness, rage and parsimonious brevity. Punk must be cheerfully oblivious to it's surroundings. To enjoy punk is to adapt to the very ideals the Iron Lady herself demanded everybody else live by. A good punk song, they say, is defined by merely being less than 30 seconds long, and a good punk album is likely to have about 80 songs on it. Midge Thatcher turned her laser beam notion of quantity at the expense of quality into a musical choice, which was then turned into a lifestyle.

And where do we go from punk? We go to goth, the remnants of Thatcher's legacy turned into a fashion choice. One doesn't mourn anything to be a goth, one mourns everything with not the laser-heat of punk's rage, but with the vast, diffused cloud of an entire economy, and a small chain of islands in the south Atlantic. One sees the world as the dust settling on the empire, now merely a Mrs. Havisham-esque pall.

Goodbye, you miserable old bat. The conservatives among us colonials fancy you on the avante-garde of their movement, still festering among us. I'm told you spent your last years being driven around to water rose gardens around London. Who will water them now? That is the lesson of rugged individualism. You neglected to encourage anyone else to follow you, lest they overcome your long, haggard, spindly shadow."


But five ghost stars for "mourning unions." Good show.

Spaceman Africa

Here here! harumpharumph

I love Glenda Jackson, the politician and the actor.

La Loco
Did she say this stuff about her while she was alive or was she too scary?
This is pretty standard fare when Thatcher comes up. Even Tories are a bit scared to side with her because she screwed conservative chances about as much as Blair fucked Labour.

Jet Bin Fever
Oh, so that's how government is supposed to work? Rules? Real differences in opinion? Jeez.
The Mothership
oh that just made my evening. god I miss living in Britain.
Needs a Brian Butterfield tag
Loved her in Marat/Sade.
Best summary I read on this was "her supporters call for displays of the very kind of compassion her administration did its hardest to eradicate".
Maggot Brain
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