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Category:Horror, Science & Technology
Tags:dentist, SCIENCE!, nightmare fuel, extraction
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"my teef don't touch"

I once had a dentist pull out a wisdom tooth, then drop the retractor on the tray in triumph, like a mic drop. After I woke up from passing out, he asked me if I wanted to pray with him.

I found a new dentist.
That is a horrifying story.

A kid I we g go high school with had a dentist who didn't bother to stop drilling when he turned around go talk to his assistant and drilled a hole into the kid's tongue.
Oh for fuck's sake, autocorrect.

Caminante Nocturno
When I was a kid, I went to a dentist who was supposed to remove a tooth that was growing out of the top of my mouth, but instead he shot the mayor.
Adham Nu'man
It's the only foolproof way of preventing caries.
But sadly there is no foolproof way of preventing canaries.

None of this addresses my canarynarynary problems.

HMmm. Yeah. I checked and I don't think this is legal???
Jet Bin Fever
So long dental plan!
Lisa needs braces!

This is the kind of shit that tort reform was designed to keep from being too costly. We wouldn't want to hurt businesses would we?

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