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Desc:This cat loves milk directly from the source
Category:Humor, Humor
Tags:cat, Milk, funny, Cow
Submitted:mihai francu
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Comment count is 12
Haha! now THAT is FUNNY! Thank you for the Cow tag!!
This was going to be a 4 until I read the tags. Flawless!

La Loco
Can I has a drink of your cow milk?

I've seen funnier cats, but I also have just openly started flauting my disregard for the 1-5 star system, instead of merely disgusted refusing to mention it.

You get 5 stars because everybody gets 5 stars, because I can't be bothered.
tl;dr: 5 stars!

he didn't promise "Funniest" cat. Ghost five.

Jet Bin Fever
I like these mihai francu videos. They're a nice break from severed head fuck toys and pimple popping videos.
il fiore bel
I like this one because he didn't steal it and try to pimp it as his own.

As far as I know.

"This cat loves cow milk" Yes. Yes it does.
And that's why catkind hasn't wiped out apekind.
Fuck mihai!
il fiore bel
Now, now. He's learning.

Or at least I -think- this isn't some new secret gay youtube account of his.

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