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Desc:Fat Alex Jones says Boston bombing suspects 'look like Israelis'
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:racism, Fat People, alex jones, boston bombing, shot of computer monitor
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Comment count is 15
blue vein steel - 2013-04-19
FineFilter - 2013-04-20
sounds fat.

jangbones - 2013-04-20
if Alex lost a hundred pounds he would still be fat, his fatness extends far beyond his body weight

fuckin loser has excessive adipose deposits on his chakra

Candlejackv616 - 2013-04-19
I can't wait for the day one of his crackpot ideas turns out to be right, but is infinitely more horrific than whatever his brain imagined since, typically reality is far harsher than fantasy, even if it is crazy delusional conspiracy theory fantasy.

I would find it deeply amusing to see him go from "ha told you all so" all almost happy its going on, until of course he gets his ass beat, incarcerated or even killed by whatever boogeyman turned out to be real...then it would be hilarious, even if we were all fucked.
Jet Bin Fever - 2013-04-19
This just in, Alex Jones blames the Moors for the Boston attack. Iago cannot be reached for comment at this time.

Ocyrus - 2013-04-19
Alex Jones and his websites slandered at least two individuals, claiming they are the bombers. They need to sue his fat ass immediately.
I'm sick of this retard, if I ran into him on the streets in Somalia, I'd snatch him, torture the fuck out of him, then cut off his dick and leave him in the sand.
Triggerbaby - 2013-04-19
Can our hero every catch the wiley Alex before his demented reign of slander claims another victim?

Tune in tomorrow for the next installment of "Ocyrus, Internet Tough Guy"!

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2013-04-19
You don't have to be an internet tough guy to have a good shot at overpowering Alex Jones. Just chasing him for a block or two would probably make him pass out.

Old_Zircon - 2013-04-19
Just as an aside, I would watch the heck out of a troll/internet tough guy version of 24.

Nominal - 2013-04-19
Wasn't that pretty much what 24 was?

spikestoyiu - 2013-04-19
Do you... live in Somalia?

Ocyrus - 2013-04-20
No Spike, I only mentioned Somalia because of its lawlessness.
It would be a crime here in the US to threaten to assault someone on the street, but in the hypothetical situation of both of us being on the same street in Somalia, then I'd engage in brutality.
And to Triggerbaby, you're next.

memedumpster - 2013-04-19
Alex Jones is a terrorist profiteer.

Did anyone else grab their phone at the beginning of this video?
MrBuddy - 2013-04-20
Don't watch this video? OK, got it covered.
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