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Desc:No nipples, but plenty of flesh on display. Viewer discretion *Strongly* advised
Category:Horror, News & Politics
Tags:fupa, bbw, south carolina, pannus, Monica Dixon
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Comment count is 9
"The news conference was promoting Palmetto Pride's Zero Tolerance for Litter Campaign, a statewide education and law enforcement effort to curtail littering."

About time someone stood up to those monsters.
Go ahead and laugh but my father was killed by a serial litterrer.

The stammering dialog is what really makes this.

Jet Bin Fever
Plenty of flesh on display. I should have heeded that warning.
I thought it was going to be because she was almost naked, but that underwear is way less revealing than most swimsuits. Yet the description doesn't lie.

You get handcuffed for that?
carrying that much melanin in public? you bet.

Around here you usually get the opportunity to pick up your litter and do the right thing. Imagine what a heartwarming ending it would be if she had put her clothes back on, everyone applauding, taken a bow, and gone about her day. Imagine how cool life would be if most encounters ended that exact same way.
0:03 was the most wonderfully awkward sound.
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