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Category:Classic Movies
Tags:movie, Trailer, book, glenn beck, agenda 21
Submitted:Prickly Pete
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Comment count is 28
Agenda 21 is the new boogie man. He's been ballyhooing it for the last year or so. The notion of any sort of global standards for anything is so intrinsically tied to the Antichrist to these people you'd almost think they were trying to forestall the Antichrist as long as possible, rather than embracing his appearance as the token of their inevitable salvation.
Is it basically just more "one world government" stuff?

They need the antichrist to come and fuck shit up so that zombie jewish carpenter can come back.

Right, but the majority of Protestants (and granted, Beck isn't a Protestant, I don't even know the Mormon policy on the Antichrist) believe in a pre-Tribulation Rapture. The Antichrist essentially pokes his head up and says "Hi, OBAMACARE", and before he can really do the whole 666 thing, Jesus Raptures them out of there. The few sects that do accept a post-Tribulation Rapture are usually on the liberal end of the scale, theologically.

I assume Mormon Antichrist is literally just Bizarro Joseph Smith, and thus a sassy black woman who don't need no man.

I'm sick of conservatives like Glenn Beck and how they enrich themselves off of the fears of others.
The truly funny thing about this (to me anyway) is that Beck is Mormon, and most of the evangelicals that eat this stuff up also believe the Mormon church is a satanic cult. Mormons and evangelicals essentially have the same worldview, but the only reason evangelicals side with Mormons politically is because they don't have enough power by themselves. Otherwise, evangelicals are deeply distrusting of the Mormon church.
See? Even evangelicals are right sometimes.

It's like everything else the right wing hates: It doesn't have their brand on it.

A New World Order?! That's AWFUL! Now let's conquer the world in the name of Exxon and Jesus!

Submit to regulatory authority? But that'll help the POOR! Fuck you! Now, everyone submit to the teachings of Christ as we interpret them...
From one of the three star reviews on amazon:

"In the Afterword (the "non-fictional" part), Mr. Beck insists that the Earth and it's resources are at our disposal for economic development and preservation of those resources is unnecessary and hinders global prosperity. He states that supporting any form of protecting land for public use or preserving "scenic vistas" is contrary to economic growth, which is true, I guess it just depends where your value sets lie. He also makes it clear that extreme concentrations of wealth should be preserved and protected. The book essentially reiterates the ideals of greed and consumption over and over. Mr. Beck goes on to complain that those that lobby for preservation and protection of resources spread propaganda."

I haven't actually read the afterwards but I probably will now, just to marvel at the insanity.
My local mayor has to put up with this bullshit. http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/miller/120529
More lunatics vs. our current mayor: http://www.stopagenda21inms.com/index.php?/The-A-List/conne-moran- mayor-of-ocean-springs.html

More Mississippi lunatics vs a public beach. http://youtu.be/MN1l9NrdVPI

You know what? I'm a take you Yankees on a tour o this here third world shit pile. Submissions forthcoming. Caveat: Ocean Springs and Bay St. Louis are not third world shit holes and are the only safe places in the whoooooooole fucking state. Which helps to explain why the beck tards come after us so hard.

In the future, birds will move at SUPER SPEED.
They're trying to get away from the people trying to eat/sell them for economic growth.

Prickly Pete
It's the old man being burned alive at the end that really left me in awe.
Yes, but it's necessary for economic growth.

Does the world have any problem, any problem at all, that isn't the result of just outright willful human stupidity and the infuriating tolerance of it?
Koda Maja
Solar flares.

Moon Nazis. They only cause problems on the moon.

Agenda 21 is a nonbinding blueprint for developing nations to get their shit together.

And it was drafted in 1992.

How is this a thing now?
Please. Conservatives can't even remember when their god, Reagan, levied higher taxes and stricter regulations on the nation than Obama even wishes he could. They think because Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, Republicans can't possibly be racist, the intervening years of history (especially in the south) notwithstanding. Expecting them to treat anything historical, even less than 20 years ago, with any degree of accuracy or context is like expecting a toddler to not be afraid of the monster in the closet even after you've shown them the closet is empty every night for the past year.

Some toddlers just kick the monsters ask.

They need to quit giving these things such ominous names. I doubt that even his diehard fans would be able to take him seriously if they had to listen to rail on and on about Operation Rainbow Sprinkles.

Caminante Nocturno
The music makes me think that the GLA is going to attack any second.
I think Beck has already moved onto his next big boogeyman for the year, that Common Core stuff. Sometimes I think other screenwriters are jealous of the imagination this man shares with the world.
Jet Bin Fever
I can't wait to get one of those snazzy uniforms! See you guys in the gulag!
Sweet Tool video, bro.
Coming soon to a theater near you: The latest in conspiracy entertainment! Another frightening scenario designed to remind you of your own fragile existence in a world with odds stacked against you!

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