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Desc:In America this would be the mandated 'very special episode'.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Crime
Tags:Cowboy Bebop, mushrooms
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Comment count is 18
I'm not going to say that Cowboy Bebop is a lot of fun to watch on mushrooms, but aliens did it.
I was going to post this clip with the description "Cowboy Bebop gives his friends psychedelic mushrooms", but there are no good moves after that.
Well that was clearly written from experience.
I'm really glad that I never got into this anime or any other anime ever in the entire world.
it's unlike any other anime

baleen, do you watch any american cartoons/animated works?

Ranma 1/2 would melt baleen's heart and reconnect him with the spirit of love.

baleen is too much an ultra hipster to watch moving drawings.

Same except with all media. I hate everything as to be uncriticizable while fostering a massive sense of smug superiority over others' tastes.

Caminante Nocturno
Your so embarrassing, Baleen.

I'm fucking over this "baleen" thing.

Chocolate Jesus
I think we know that already.

That's just about the reaction I was hoping for. Thanks guys.

Lef, I'm a pretty big fan of Tiny Toons Adventures, particularly the ones where they copy The Matrix. Check out SolRo's submissions, he's got it all there. It's pretty awesome stuff.

Hey, mister. This here is the stairway to heaven. You know that, don't cha?
Obnoxious little frog.

I was half hoping Spike would hiccup and he would just continue as normal. But I know that can't happen
Sudan no1
Back when anime was still good mushrooms were legal in Japan. Just a coincidence I'm sure.
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