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Desc:The flagship game of the atari jaguar
Category:Video Games
Tags:video games, alien, predator, jaguar, horrible video game infinity
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Comment count is 25
Whenever I hear people call games like Resident Evil 6 or Final Fantasy XIII "the worst game ever" I promptly clear my throat and direct them toward the Jaguar and 3DO libraries.
Those people are fools. FF 13 is the greatest running-down-hallways simulator of all time.

Hey, it gets good after the first 25 hours of cutscenes. Really!

(No seriously I get why people don't like it even though I do.)

But it still doesn't hold a candle to Rule of Rose in terms of dog following sim.

I can't believe they did such a remarkable job on the predator's infrared vision (43 minutes in)
Jet Bin Fever
Looks like someone cut those marine sprites out on MS paint.
Killer Joe
Not well, either.

I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't a Wolfenstein 3D mod.
This exactly.

Wow, Colonial Marines really IS pretty bad, I....oh, wait..
Now we know where they got their NPC movement code from.

Caminante Nocturno
I got sick of that swishing noise real fast.
Mother Lumper
I had a Jaguar collection come into my possession once, and it didn't linger very long. Of the couple dozen games that came with the system I had most of the notable titles and the only one I played extensively was the Doom port. AvP was a clumsy, dull thing.
Widely considered to be one of the masterpieces of the platform and voted one of the scariest games of all time by some major gaming site. I played it a bit back in the day and it's just awful, worse than the video makes it appear.

Yeah, the reputation of this game in my mind was such that when I saw it in the hopper I thought, "Oh, isn't that the one Jaguar game that's actually decent?" Watching the video dispelled that myth pretty quickly.

Tempest 2000 was the only reason to own a Jaguar. That said, it was a pretty compelling reason.

Mother Lumper
Rayman, Tempest, Raiden, etc were all ported to the PS1 and benefit from red book audio. I wanted to justify keeping the Jaguar, but there's not a single reason to own one.

The Mothership
I know, let's start our game in a maze level.

Although, nice touch with the ending. stomach discomfort indeed.
chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp
Spaceman Africa
I distinctly remember being very scared playing this game. But I can now see it was probably made scarier by how ass the Jaguar was.
This was THE title in the Jaguar library and was worth a play through when it released. It came out the same month as DOOM II and if you were PC-less, you were eating up any FPS game that would compensate for your poor gaming hardware decisions. This was one of the better not-DOOMII-and-I-bought-an-oddball-console games.
...and DOOM for the Jaguar

Back in the day there was a rumor that this game had been released unfinished because it was so clunky nobody (at least nobody I knew and nobody any of them knew or had ever spoken to about it) could find a way to the last level. The rumor was they just put it out there without the last level being accessible at all, but I guess we were all wrong.

My parents' 1mb 386 couldn't handle Doom but after playing this I was content to just use the drummer's dad's 486 after band practice rather than convincing my parents to blow money on this thing as a gift (or worse yet save up my own).

What's the deal with Jaguar games not having any background music?
The predator kind of looks like someone from the Gwar Slave Pit.
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