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Desc:The proverbial flower in a pot of dirt.
Category:Video Games
Tags:Atari, video games, llama, Jeff Minter, jaguar
Submitted:Seven Arts/H8 Red
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Comment count is 8
Even this looks really boring. I remember playing this in Nobody Beats the Wiz and wondering why they chose a barely updated decade old wireframe game to show off the supposedly amazing hardware.
Jeff Minter's games are pretty lame overall. When I was a kid, I loved the Mutant Camel games on the C64, but it seems like he became less interested in functional, intense shooter games that felt well crafted and more interested in DUDE, HOW MANY TRIPPY GRAPHICS THINGS CAN I CRAM ONTO THE SCREEN?? I don't understand why the guy has such a huge following...his shit is pretty mediocre, especially nowadays.

If they'd had the good sense to keep Tempest simple, you'd look at it and say, "Straightforward, but action-packed. Looks fun!"

Jeff Minter is allowed to make whatever the fuck he wants because he made Ancipital.

Starting at around 4:36, you're flying down a cosmic tunnel, apparently to the delight of a woman who keeps enthusiastically crying "YES! YES!"

I think someone wanted to make a porn game any way they could and this was their only chance to even get close to their dream.
I mean, I got a semi.

If Minter wanted it to be a porn game there'd have been more yaks and sheeps in it.

Spaceman Africa
Even this game, the developers thought it would be unsuccessful on the Jaguar, so they ported it to PS1 two years later. You could even play the Jaguar version on Playstation if you put "yiff" as the highscore name, believe it or not.
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