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Desc:Psychotic Australian guy thinks he has the power to alter the lyrics of Nirvana & Zappa songs.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:Nirvana, paranoid schizophrenia, Gang stalking, Gangstalking, IAmGangStalked
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Comment count is 6
His miraculous psychic power to change song lyrics reminds me of the cloud-o-mancer we've seen here previously:


Also, it's rather odd that this guy can be upset at some kind of organized mind-control against him while claiming he has mind-control powers over musicians and their work and uses it with impunity.

It's pretty bad when your own psychosis is hypocritical.
For all your gangstalking reports, call 0800-SASAZUKA
So submit something else.

Besides, most of the videos on the "evil" side of this site boil down to "unfortunate person using a camera or being filmed by one." This phenomenon just happens to have a name and people whose personal rabbit holes have no bottom.

I see little difference between this kind of crazy and others involving imaginary friends, like the religious, ones who think anime characters/souls are real, etc.

Hey, the gangstalking videos wouldn't make it to the front page if there weren't at least 6 other people here who vote for them. Besides, this one has a fun new delusion, the power to retroactively alter song lyrics from dead musicians.

People will get bored with it eventually. Anyway, I think the site has expanded beyond its original definition of evil.

Gangstalking paranoia is right at home here, keep the madness coming.

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