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Desc:Videos cannot adequately describe how unbalanced and frustrating this game is.
Category:Video Games, Military
Tags:Mortal Kombat, fatalities, Survival Arts
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Comment count is 5
1:10 what the fuck is that? Jumping Super-Dildo-Poop Bomb Attack?!
Good question! *That* is the single most irritating move in the game. It deals an asshole of damage, hits most of the screen, is very hard to block, and is considered a regular special move, so the guy who does it (a balding NRA gun-nut named Mongo) can, and will, spam the dildo-poop-bombs like crazy.

I only played this game once while it was still in the arcades (it's available for MAME, if you're interested) but I lost three whole dollars to those damn dildo bombs. Seems bikini ninjas are no match for napalm.

I like how they pulled a Sonichu and just ripped off Sonya and Kitana's designs and combined them together to make the girl in the preview image.
Caminante Nocturno
Hey hey heyheyHEY!

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