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Desc:an old man basically makes republican mental pornography
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Old People, republicans, obama, Impeached, long speech that goes nowhere
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Comment count is 7
Isn't that Lyndon LaRouche? LPAC is either LaRouche PAC or the Lesbian Super PAC, and while I may be wrong, I don't thing the speaker is a lesbian nor is his masturbatory activity one a lesbian would enjoy.

Also, the uploader's "about" is not to be missed, especially if you're a TROLL.
LaRouche, or LaDOUCHE, amirite???

Jet Bin Fever
I wonder where he filmed this. My guess is either church, elementary school, or garage.
Lyndon LaRouche is a crazy person who has run for president about 20 times, so I'm sure that his garage has a pretend press conference section. I bet he spends a lot of time there, with or without cameras filming him.

I'm surprised it took him almost 11 minutes to begin blathering about his conspiracy theories regarding the Queen of England.

Wow, you're not kidding with that "long speech that goes nowhere" tag.

Sample passage from 9:55: "When this case...some authority other than the congress was required to initiate the action that was required. And what I heard, from the reading of the conditions of the charges...of the conclusions of the court...those conclusions were all in correspondence to the requirements, and I go into the...his first term, the president's first time in office, as also to the second. So there was every reason that reason would demand that this president should be impeached under those circumstances."

That's barely even English, much less a political critique.

I decided to keep listening until he actually accused Obama of doing something wrong and the first time is at 13:55 into the god damned video when he accuses Obama of violating the War Powers Act by intervening in Libya. That's what you were building up to all this time? Somehow I doubt the public shares your sense of outrage that our air force flew a few low-risk sorties against the crumbling Gaddafi regime, Lyndon.

And after that it actually becomes more unhinged. At 16:32 he accuses Obama of literally beating up Hillary Clinton to silence her. In the last two minutes he makes a couple vague accusations about birtherism and campaign funding from foreign drug lords.
I honestly... what the fuck...

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