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Desc:Really gets going at 1:04
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:wrestling, wwe, bears, punny, Daniel Bryan
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Comment count is 19
Never been a wrestling fan.

Might be now...
blue vein steel
He's one of like 2 or 3 reasons left to watch WWE anymore
Best reasons to watch WWE right now Daniel Brayan, CM Punk, and The Shield. I hate to admit it, but Cena is really really stale right now.

Antonio Cesaro is pretty golden too, whenever they've given him the chance. Also, word is Kassius Ohno's next to get brought up after his great match with Regal, and El Generico/Remi Zayne & PAC/Adrian Neville probably won't stay in developmental for very long.

my days of feeling like an elitist are over for following WWE just to watch how the indie guys do. it's more or less been empirically proven by the past two years -- heavies of the indie scene like Bryan and CM Punk are always going to feel more comfortable in the middle of the pro wrestling circus, and when performers feel comfortable, they do awesome stuff like this.

blue vein steel
Dolph Ziggler is another good reason to watch, but with Punk injured, the main event card is awful right now

Daniel Bryan is why I tune in mostly, but I'll always watch wrestling. I'm glad I got this vid up here just so some non fans can witness a rare, truly inspired bit from one of the hardest working entertainers out there.

Agreed on most everything...except The Shield, they are laughably bad. Ambrose shows promise in that hes the only talker in the group worth a damn, not to familiar with him but I get the feeling I'd like him a hell of a lot more if he ditched the doofy Samoan and not Alex Shelley.

Wrestling nerds need to post move videos like this.
We're not nerds, we're sports fans. We're no different than people who obsess with football.

I will completely agree with the latter part of your statement.

We're not NERDS!


...which is also a kind of brown bear...
All of this was amazing.

But not quite as amazing as bears, Josh.

Not quite as amazing as bears.
"You can't be a champion until you can beat a bear."
Fuck you, 2000 years of philosophy, you just got owned.
Somewhere Tracy Smothers is laughing his ass off.

Jet Bin Fever
Man knows his bears. Respect.
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