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Desc:Somebody made a satirical mashup of some Nick Bravo vids
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:hypocrite, laugh track, nick bravo, Nicholas Bravo, spike bravo
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Comment count is 8
This was probably put together by baleen, who is obsessed with Bravo and possibly is Bravo.
What the! I assume you're joking sir! Is this a parody of the people who thought I was cena_mark?

I'm pretty sure baleen wouldn't stand for having those teeth for even one vid just to bait us. In fact I doubt anyone could.

The face of libertarianism. Behind Pauls of course.
Failures fantasizing how they wouldn't be failures if only certain boogeymen went away.

Funny you should mention him. Now that Ron Paul is out of Congress, he's gone back to working with all of his old racist buddies he tried to keep at a distance while he needed national donations:

http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2013/04/ron-pauls-extreme-t ies-reemerge-at-new-institute.php?ref=fpblg

What a fucking asshole.

After spending all that time denying knowledge of the content of his newsletters. What a scumfuck. I'm just glad he'll never run for president again. I had FB friends who would post Ron Paul bullshit nonstop.

Jet Bin Fever
The picture in picture made me burst out laughing. Corky would make a good crying clown, but thats the only job I could actually see him being good at.
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