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Desc:the battle for the bottom
Tags:poop, bottom, Kohler, elegance
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Comment count is 9
Wonder how many thousands of dollars more this costs than importing a regular high function toilet from Japan.


Runs $ 5000. A Toto Washlet seat will set you back about $ 800, but doesn't play music.

I love the insinuation that beautiful women will want to spend the night if you have one of these. If I didn't know it was a toilet, I'd think it was a car commercial.
There are unfortunately certain kinds of women that would be impressed with being able to completely mask their farts and plops with 1920's jazz music while drinking vintage Bordeaux. Also a stylishly clean lady arena will make a lady more confident in asking for oral sex when it's time for getting into the sack. I think it's pretty straightforward.

Shoebox Joe
Everything is getting smaller these days.
Killer Joe
"It has an incredible camera, too."
can I watch porn on it?
Syd Midnight
For some reason I had it confused with the Kuhler CPU cooling system and for a moment I was wondering how and why they were making a product to cool asses
Jet Bin Fever
I was hoping it was the Kohler "Nomi." Alas.
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