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Desc:A new, precise observation of the effects of Masturbation on the human body.
Category:Science & Technology, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:masturbation, batshit insane, Happeh, Masturbation made his right eye close., happeh theory
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Comment count is 12
If there were any truth to this I'd look like Sloth by now.
I would have collapsed into non-euclidian geometric shapes patrolled by the Elder Gods

Al Franken
Crab Mentality
Did anyone else notice that the Al Franken picture is an obvious photoshop, and every other picture he uses as an example is of someone tilting their head?

This guy needs to take an art class.

At least one other is a slightly less obvious photoshop. Dude loves his "liquefy" filter.

If you're a switch hitter, do you just get shorter?
Order of the Trapezoid
I assumed this was a dupe. I've seen it before a long time ago somewhere, and assumed it was here, since this is the place I usually see these kinds of videos.
Oh, and I distinctly remember that this was supposed to be a joke, although it's well executed. Is there a version of poe's law about insanity?

It's pretty clearly a joke but it's a funny one.

yeah, poe's law.

Do you mean this?; http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=72144

Check out www.happeh.com (NSFW!!), and then try to figure out if this guy's a troll.

Haven't seen the video but I'm 5ing it because I can only imagine.

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