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Desc:Turtles are actually kind of gross (Sort of NSFW, for animated turtle cock)
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:disease, Ninja Turtles, tmnt, Scientifically accurate
Submitted:blue vein steel
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A missed opportunity is the fact that turtles have no sphincter control, and thus freely shit as the need arises.
They also got it wrong were they claimed turtles are completely deaf.

You should probably put a work-safe warning on this, on account of the turtle cock. I mean, any boss who's cool with you watching Ninja Turtles parodies on company time in the first place, is probably not going to mind five seconds of animated turtle cock, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
Binro the Heretic
I don't know. I mean, it seems somehow lazy and yet, at the same time, it's like it's trying too hard.

Meh, I guess that's worth a couple of stars in and of itself.
It is trying too hard, but it's still Ninja Turtles.

5 for coming up with a list of nitpicks about TMNT long enough to make a song, and then making the song, and then animating it in flash.

Shoebox Joe
(c) 2013 Fox Broadcasting Company

Yeah, this is part of Fox's upcoming Adult Swim ripoff. It's basically The Oatmeal of television animation, using marketing research to pinpoint what exact piece of nostalgia bait will bring in the most viewers when they gripe about it.

They ruined April forever.
That's the price of getting some strange.

Well that got pretty weird pretty fast but I was entertained even though it was juvenile.
It's not weird it's nature.

They are abominations in the eyes of man, God and science.
Koda Maja
If they were scientifically accurate they wouldn't be ninjas. No known species of turtles is known to practice ninjutsu. Duh.
Many years ago, when they'd run "Slylock Fox" in the funnies, most of Slylock's mysteries were solved along the lines of, "Peter Pig claimed he had been driving east that morning, but if he had been, he wouldn't have been able to see Henrietta Hen's newspaper as anything more than a silhouette against the rising sun." But every now and again the solution was something like "Ignatius Iguana is a cold-blooded animal and therefore cannot generate his own body heat." Wait, suddenly we're getting all persnickety about biology?

There was a special issue of the original comics that had the turtles drawn much more accurately to how turtles actually look...minus big dicks...and fucking April...
Sunglasses down
"Here's the part where we talk about turtle dicks!"
On one side, I find it funny, on the other, I really don't like the way they're calling this segment 'ADHD.' Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive since I got to spend my entire childhood heavily medicated, but it just kind of bugs me.
Turtles make grunts and squeals (mostly when having sex).

Also humans live 100 years or so, does that mean that a 16-year-old human has the mind of a 7-year-old human? Somehow? Or maybe mental development isn't linear.
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