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Category:Humor, Nature & Places
Tags:Sweden, scream, humanity, window, USA does not know how to have fun
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Comment count is 28
Binro the Heretic - 2013-04-30
I wouldn't have been surprised if a horde of infected came barreling out of the darkness.
Comeuppance - 2013-04-30
That was wonderful.
Koda Maja - 2013-04-30
One of those people was actually being murdered.
That guy - 2013-05-01
...and he still found time to join in on the fun!!

Suedeo - 2013-05-01
...And be on time!

Callamon - 2013-04-30
movie not loaded
Wander - 2013-04-30
Sweeden: A land of magic
Old_Zircon - 2013-04-30
"USA doesn't know how to have fun" needs to be a tag.
fatatty - 2013-05-01
Apparently contractions aren't allowed.

Gmork - 2013-05-01
contradictions either

1394 - 2013-05-01
10 o'clock scream, best scream.
ashtar. - 2013-05-01
If this is supposed to be Sweden, why are they screaming in English?
Hatman - 2013-05-01

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2013-05-01
so Sweden is essentially one big haunted house. Awesome.
eatenmyeyes - 2013-05-01
Is this Stockholm Syndrome?
Father Avalanche - 2013-05-01
HA. Here.

That guy - 2013-05-01
I'm as måd as hɛll and I'm nøt going to täke it ånymöre!!
Jet Bin Fever - 2013-05-01
Imagine a room of tourists hearing this.
gravelstudios - 2013-05-01
He's lying. That's what Sweeden looks like in broad daylight.
boner - 2013-05-01
Thank you for the music.
frau_eva - 2013-05-01
Given the U.S. crime rate, I think there's a very good reason why we can't get away with doing this.

Still makes me want to move to Sweden.
Hooker - 2013-05-01
Americans dance and party in the streets when an Arab is killed.

Riskbreaker - 2013-05-01
If this happens in Sweden, what would happen in Russia?
mouser - 2013-05-01
I want this here :(
spikestoyiu - 2013-05-01
I like to picture everyone in their homes, doing something important and Swedish, and then dropping that to run to their window and scream.
yogarfield - 2013-05-01
i never thought i'd say this, but maybe they have been watching too much beavis and butthead.

Comeuppance - 2013-05-01
In Sweded-n, there isn't actually a language - just yelling. All of the buildings in the distance are cardboard cutouts.
chairsforcheap - 2013-05-02
this works in amsterdam also
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