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Desc:From the David Lynch film, the Spacing Guild Navigator meets with Emperor Shaddam IV
Category:Classic Movies, Science & Technology
Tags:dune, David Lynch, Guild Navigator, Shaddam, plans within plans
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Comment count is 16
blue vein steel - 2013-05-04
he got this right
Nominal - 2013-05-04
I don't remember the book mentioning that navigators were giant mutant monsters. The mini-series did it but I think it was a pure Lynch Eraserhead invention.

StanleyPain - 2013-05-04
The Third State Navigators are never seen if I remember correctly (the gas obscures them and no one but other Guild members truly know what they look like) but people are told that they look like giant fish-men or something like that. The mini-series version was accurate to the book (though a bit silly), the Lynch version is more disturbing and surreal.

StanleyPain - 2013-05-04
Oops..I meant the navigator in the Children of Dune miniseries was accurate to the book. The weird man-bat thing in the original Dune miniseries...I have no idea where that came from.

cognitivedissonance - 2013-05-04
There's an element of bullshit to everything the Guildsmen say, though. They know that they have a monopoly on space travel, so they build complicated mythologies about themselves to hide their technology. The best myth they have built is that of the "Defeated World", where defeated Landsraad houses can be taken for a fee to live away from the Empire. It could exist, or it could just be that they open the space doors and kick the dregs of the Landsraad out after they've admitted defeat.


kingarthur - 2013-05-04
I've only ever read God-Emperor of Dune. I loved it. Clearly I need to read Dune. One day, when I'm not busting my ass on this MBA.

Nominal - 2013-05-04
The sequels are unreadable in comparison to the original book.

Which makes it a good thing you read them first? I guess?

Robin Kestrel - 2013-05-04
I've always pictured the Wayne Douglas Barlowe interpretation when reading the books:

http://25.media.tumblr.com/d2da478555da8ea39c26521f51d2b63c/tu mblr_mg6b07fzhG1qgr9j1o1_1280.jpg

StanleyPain - 2013-05-04
I think the first three books make a perfect trilogy that stands very much on its own. My personal feeling is that 4 onwards was really unnecessary and shows Herbert really sort of struggling to over-complicate things. Leto II's plan is laid out in it's entirety by book 3 and we know where it will go, what will happen, and the predictions of the future are inescapably accurate. This leaves book 3 on a really cool note that leaves the future open to interpretation but you know that, no matter what, things will eventually turn out for the best for humanity. really didn't need more. It'd be like if Tolkien decided to make Lord of the Rings II which was mostly political intrigue.

Oktay - 2013-05-04
What a coincidence! As it turns out, I just finished re-reading GEOD yesterday, and I think the sequels are great. In fact, GEOD is one of my favorites.

Now on to Heretics...

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2013-05-04
I only wish they'd included the other line from this scene I enjoyed. One of the escorts for the Navigator puts a translation device to his mouth and it speaks for him: "The Bene Gesserit witch must leave."
Explodotron - 2013-05-04
One of the things I enjoyed about that scene is that you can clearly hear the guild rep speak in his native tongue, and over that you hear the English translation of it. I always liked that small detail and it has always stuck out to me, especially after watching years of Star Trek and the magic English-speaking aliens (don't get me wrong, I like me some Star Trek as well).

Urist - 2013-05-04
The "extended TV Alan Smithee version" adds in the navigator chewing the emperor out for a bit.

When watching the theater version I always feel like something is missing.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2013-05-05
this movie needed more giant mutated fish humans
Juice Eggs McKenna - 2013-05-05
This is my favourite scene in the movie. Pity it's the first one.
BHWW - 2013-05-05
But you did say that, and you are here...oh right, plausible deniability, I get where you're coming from giant fish-person. I get these things.
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