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Desc:During a junior high school assembly. Whose idea was this?
Category:Educational, Fashion
Tags:South Korea, puberty, k pop, junior high, inappropriate gyrations
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 25
Most awkward shoulder rides ever.
Shades of Apocalypse Now.
I'm pretty sure they had to flee via helicopter at the end.

I like the selection of songs and dance choices. 2 Hyun A songs with very erotic dance numbers, the Brown Eyed Girls song with the swinging hip dance Psy used in his new video (with Ga-In of BEG) and the part they showed was the sluttiest part of the dance. On top of that, they chose to do dance moves Hyun A used in her collaboration of Gangnam Style.
When you mentioned Girls Generation the other day, I thought that was just a one time thing. I had no idea you were so well versed in K-pop!

My hat is off to you, sir.

Charlie didn't get much U.S.O
Jet Bin Fever
I feel sorry for the 5-10% of them that had to fake interest.

It's so easy to be a pop idol these days: you basically just have to do a striptease routine to some pop music.

But boy is it tough to be a stripper these days: you have to learn and record all these pop songs and travel around doing concerts and stuff.
Adham Nu'man
How is this even a band? They're just dancing to other peoples songs. They're not even lip-synching!
They aren't. They're a dance team as clearly stated in original title. Translating from English to English must have been too hard for ROUS.

Adham Nu'man
They aren't? Shit I hadn't even noticed.

I guess I'm a 13 year old Korean boy...

Rodents of Unusual Size
It's okay that you want to be in the band, SolRo. We won't judge you.

I feel I understand North Korean culture better than South Korean culture.
I think my Zergling just rushed. :(
1:43 we see a guy who presumably has a boner in the back of his neck.
The Johnny Cash in San Quentin of their generation
The last, but best, school assembly organized entirely by the student council without faculty oversight.

I experienced my own little meltdown watching this if you know what I mean, eh? Eh? Ha ha, I'm a horrible creep.
Caminante Nocturno
Maybe, but with enough dedicated practice, you can become an exceptional creep.

Caminante Nocturno
You guys aren't fooling anyone with your comments.
John Lithgow warned us of this...
The Mothership
5 inappropriate stars!
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