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Desc:Which country was it? The answer may surprise you!
Tags:conservatives, ITS REAL TO ME DAMMIT, so-called robber barons
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Comment count is 21
Raggamuffin - 2013-05-05
Five for evil.
Hooker - 2013-05-05
So "regulate markets" is all you need to say to anger conservatives? "Regulating markets" is a bad thing?
SteamPoweredKleenex - 2013-05-05
It's a bit of a blind spot.

For example, government making sure that nobody owns the internet and drives traffic to one site over another = evil regulation. Some company like AT&T sending traffic to the highest bidder = free market with eagles and freedoms and happy patriot consumers forever.

bopeton - 2013-05-05
There is a country that literally has no paved roads or metalworking, and not even a written alphabet! Can you imagine a place so poor?

It's America, c. 20,000 BC

That's what happens when you don't have markets.
bac - 2013-05-05
Holy shit. I'm a dirty fucking socialist. But I can still listen to reasonable argument about free markets. I don't agree with it but I can hear it out and even respect the person or group for having those beliefs. This however...I don't even know how to make an argument against this because his argument is so flawed from the start.

He's not making shit up. It's just what he's saying has no basis or relevance to reality.
bac - 2013-05-05
Also five stars alone for "so called robber-barons" tag.
Toenails - 2013-05-05
Funny you should say that.

I didn't think to add it until I read your comment. For some reason the phrase "Even the poorest among us today live better than the kings and queens and the so-called robber barons of just a century ago" illustrated your critique so perfectly, that I thought I should include it as a tag.

hentaiwolf - 2013-05-05
I'm surprised they didn't having him stand in front of the graph to block out the slight dip around 1929.
Crab Mentality - 2013-05-05
It's a lot easier to say that the government is holding you back when you completely forget that the internet and all early computers were government projects.
EvilHomer - 2013-05-05
Government projects designed to improve the state's ability to flatten the planet with nuclear weapons.

Robin Kestrel - 2013-05-05
Perception is reality, history is written by the winners, und so wieter...
zerdzer - 2013-05-05
lol this is so fucking stupid
Jet Bin Fever - 2013-05-05
I should have taken the accent as a warning.

baleen - 2013-05-06
Deep, deep nonsense.

Jet Bin Fever - 2013-05-05
Gmork - 2013-05-05
i must concur. wwwwoooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Blue - 2013-05-05
I'll tell you what. When your free market can provide me with some decent internet speeds, I'll think about it.
SteamPoweredKleenex - 2013-05-05
* at non-predatory prices that reflect their monopoly hold on the market.

Senator_Unger - 2013-05-05
When did we start letting people get away with creating their own reality?
James Woods - 2013-05-06
Since the dawn of communicable thought.

SolRo - 2013-05-06
I'd like to think there may have been a brief time where we just fed them to the wild animals before we started making them into shamans, priests and politicians.

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