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Desc:see our web site exfelon.biz
Category:News & Politics, Crime
Tags:rape, whores, mra, exfelon.biz, roy3340
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Comment count is 16
Great reference, have my stars

Koda Maja
Mrs. French's cat is missing. The signs are posted all over town. "Have you seen Honey?" We've all seen the posters, but nobody has seen Honey the cat. Nobody. Until last Thursday morning, when Miss Colette Piscine swerved her car to miss Honey the cat as she drove across a bridge. Well this bridge, now slightly damaged, is a bit of a local treasure and even has its own fancy name; Pont de Flaque. Now Collette, that sounds like Culotte. That's Panty in French. And Piscine means Pool. Panty pool. Flaque also means pool in French, so Colete Piscine, in French Panty Pool, drives over the Pont de Flaque, the Pont de Pool if you will, to avoid hitting Mrs. French's cat that has been missing in Pontypool. Pontypool. Pontypool. Panty pool. Pont de Flaque. What does it mean?

Billy the Poet
Wow, this guy might be a new record holder for "play to intolerable" time.
Jesus, you're not kidding. The voice gets old in a hurry, then it's just plain horrible.

I made as far as the part where he blames child molestation on feminism.

Oh, I get it!

He's playing a character.


13 seconds.

I want to know what's on those pieces of paper that are slapped on the walls.
Restraining orders. Need to keep track of them all somehow.

hey ashtar, you're welcome for this special gift. next time you rip off someone else's submission, could you at least come up with your own description?
Sorry, didn't mean to poach. I was excited by the guy in the hopper's other videos so I submitted one.

no no, didn't mean to be a dick about it. this guy is a gem--we need more roy!

34 seconds and I'm not surprised by the rebel flag hanging in the background.
Lo Pan has taken a strange turn.
Ugh. Couldn't finish the thing.

I'm intrigued by those who want to indulge in a visual medium and yet don't think it might be a good idea to do things like wear a shirt.
Koda Maja
You really should watch the whole thing.

Spoiler: it ends with him praising Islam.

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