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Desc:you probably dont get it cause you're in 'the box'
Category:News & Politics
Tags:moon, conspiracy, David Icke
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I knew the name David Icke from conspiracy theory sites and reptillain stuff, and then I saw him on some British comedy quiz shows, and he seemed unlike the wild-eyed loonie his beliefs would seem to make him out to be.

He's an exception to the rule of the amount of nutty ideas one has being directly proportional to time spent raving on streetcorners.
Syd Midnight
He's the celebrity spokesperson for streetcorner ranters, it's not like he's higher quality crazy or anything, he's just crazy + money and attention.

I love how he tries to act like he has any sort of expertise, or is in any way associated with academia or the scientific community, yet dropped out of school at 15.
So apparently his entire premise is based on the moon being held there by magnetism.
I work with a David Icke fan. Not surprisingly, she is a fucking idiot.
It's like the Death Star...yeeeeaaaah
I had someone try to tell me the earth was flat. He linked me to math that supposedly proved it - and when I couldn't contradict his math, not being able to fucking understand it besides, it was clear he no longer felt the need to convince me.

Case in point, he left the argument thinking the earth was flat. I don't feel like the loser.
If you want a real challenge, go Google Neal Adams (the comic book artist) and his "expanding Earth" theory, and try to convince him he's out of his mind.

Syd Midnight
I saw a guy rant-preaching to a rat one day in downtown Cleveland. The rat just sat there watching him. Imagine how gifted a speaker you'd have to be to hold a rats attention. That's some Ancient Greek Philosopher level of oratory. Either that or the rat was dead, for which I would not deduct points.

He's copying from the Moon People conspiracy theory that the earth is too damned big to orbit the moon, so must be a giant hollow space earth. Considering how much bigger the earth is, I think their version is probably truer.
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