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Desc:A trip to Home Depot for all you need.
Category:News & Politics, Science & Technology
Tags:camouflage, DIY, Boomstick, dont try this at home, 12 gauge shotgun
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Comment count is 11
Not bad. Interesting improvised choke. BUT WHERE ARE YOUR GLASSES YOUNG MAN?
I like the backpedally annotations that are obviously to keep law enforcement off his back. Because knowing the minutiae of his barrel and stock length are what would keep him in the clear.

Clever firing mechanism, at least.
I'm not sure about the fire mechanism. It works great for shooting water bottles while standing in one spot but what happens if the gun is loaded, you take a step and trip? This design seems very poor against sudden jolts.

I'm curious though, does anyone with experience with shotguns know what would happen if someone trips and their gun slams barrel end first into the ground and fires? I would guess a design like this would either kick back and break his shoulder, or become a small pipe bomb but freely admit I could be wrong.

I think in his case the gas might vent out of the brake holes he has drilled. Some type of non-vented break action gun might give you a bugs bunny result but I think it would have to be a pretty serious and complete clog though.

Minutae like barrel length _do_ make the difference between prison and at home with your beer.

You can thank morons like feinstein and the like who, over the years, have added needless obfuscations to gun law based on their overwhelming ignorance of how any of it works or what half of the terminology even means.

Architeuthis Tux
It's a Borderlands 2 drop!
Dahl, from the looks of it.

Oscar Wildcat
Restores my faith in the young, this. The firing mechanism is quite nice, a big advance over the traditional designs which are typically single shot.
Oscar Wildcat
Single shot meaning you had to disassemble the gun to replace the shell, as opposed to just pulling out the barrel and reloading. Perhaps "reusable" is more the word I am looking for?

Yes, this is definitely important work.

Oscar Wildcat
Just you watch. Later, he'll throw the gun into the air and it will transform into a spaceship.

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