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Desc:No, really, this isn't a late April Fool's joke I missed. It's part of their lineup for Father's Day
Category:Advertisements, Crime
Tags:bacon, Yankee, why, candle, retarded internet fad that needs to fucking die
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Comment count is 11
Really, shouldn't the bacon candle smell like a breakfast-time grease fire?
Wow I really really fucking loathe this for some reason
I'll tell you the reason: YOU HATE AMERICA!

Coming soon candles that smell like MONKEY TACO NINJA PIRATES LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL :stabbing noises:
Jet Bin Fever
oh now that's just sexist! SEE WOMEN. WE HAVE IT BAD TOO.
C'mon man, what's sexist about lawn mower scented candles?

Jet Bin Fever
Why don't WOMEN have a lawn scented candle? Women can't mow lawns too? SEXIST I tells you.

Is bacon a real thing, or just an annoying internet meme?
Bacon makes Yankee-scented candles, just so ya know.

Hegemony Cricket
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