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Desc:Keep your bible off my balls.
Category:Arts, Humor
Tags:Bible, Jesus, penis, Balls, raging queen
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Comment count is 16
I'm gonna be humming this all day
Brilliant. Composed entirely of win.
Nick C.
I agree with the message, but this guy kinda frightens me.
Lame and very, very preachy. Nice job saying xians are the same as the taliban, asshole.
Calamity Jon
Personally, I'd be more pissed off at the guys who make Christianity such a dirty word by dint of their actions and associations and thus invite broad comparisons between the unassuming faithful and the maniac fundamentalists, but yeah, maybe you're right, we better come down hard on the guy with the guitar instead.

Finding similarities = THEY ARE ENTIRELY THE SAME THING. That's some winning logic, jrr.
Jacques Strap
I kinda like Jesus on my penis
i've never been so annoyed with views i agree with, and i'm an evergreen student
How can you guys stand this?
as entertaining as a superbowl ad
You can keep the Virgin Mother and mwuhrevelations.
would have been a lot better shorter.
I'm having a hard time hating this, even though my gut tells me I should
Daughters of Uzbek
This song suffers greatly from its performer.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Eric Schwartz shouldn't quit his day job. Is that really the same one, or is the name generic?
Spastic Avenger
it's not the same guy who draws 'sabrina online' or 'minerva mink being raped by a Great Old One', no.
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