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Desc:Busby tells it like it is. We only look at one thing.
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:misogyny, busby berkeley, male gaze, beautiful beautiful women
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Comment count is 9
Shanghai Tippytap
incredible cinematography, full of just insane amounts of sexual innuendo.

also, nobody moves their mouths the way they should when making those sounds.
If prostitution were legal in the era this was made, this is what brothel advertizements would have looked like probably.
Jet Bin Fever
Still looks amazing 70 some odd years later, whereas I can't see the Star Wars "Special" editions without wanting to stab my eyes out with an ice pick.
Transcendent. Lurid. Spectacular. Tawdry.

There's no mistake why Crowley's people love these movies. They seem to go straight from Id to Superego, bypassing Ego entirely. They are the most miraculous exercises of technical perfection put to such a crass razzle-dazzle, probably most easily identified as "American" more than any other director's work.
Also, Dick Powell went on to play a bunch of film noir detectives and had the misfortune of directing Howard Hughes' "The Conqueror", starring John Wayne as Genghis Khan. It was downwind from atomic bomb testing and everybody on set eventually got cancer. He apparently lobbied hard for the Fred MacMurray role in "Double Indemnity".

Of a quality far above modern.
That's a nice suit you're wearing, mister. Now take it off and suds up in the tub with your investors!! Oooohh yeah!
This and By A Waterfall are high in the running for my favorite Busby Berkeley showpiece.
Hegemony Cricket
Misogyny tag? Really?
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