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Category:News & Politics, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:canada, Crack, toronto, NMA, Rob Ford
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Comment count is 11
No, those are just the rules to Shirling.
Adham Nu'man
An ancient Gaelic-Italian tradition.

Rob Ford is less friendly that most of Toronto's crackheads.
He's smoking crack instead of freebase. That kind of budget consciousness is a good quality for a politician to have in this economy.
Is this Canada's first crack smoking mayor? Are you guys really that sheltered? All of America's mayors smoke crack, which is tame compared to the virgin blood our governors shoot up with, and the pineal fluid from African children our senators rub on their genitals before voting.
The best part is that a couple of days ago he admitted that the person in the video looked identical to him and was seemingly smoking crack, but that it was his twin brother who he claimed to be addicted to several substances including crack. A reporter having looked into his family records found no evidence and called him on his shit, which in reply he made some hyper defensive statement about how he shouldn't be doubted on such important family issues that obviously are emotionally troubling.

http://dailycurrant.com/2013/05/18/rob-ford-claims-he-has-twin -brother/
Herr Matthias
i hope you're either trolling or don't know what the Daily Currant is

I get all my news from parody sites.

Is there anybody that can tell me if "getting his rocks off in the hood" was like an actual translation or
like who made that embellishment

If smoking crack's a crime, lock me~e up
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